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ClearOne release CHATAttach170

Jo Ruddock 5 January 2011
ClearOne release CHATAttach170

The CHATAttach 170 enhances collaboration in offices, conference rooms and anywhere Lync is used. It comprises two CHAT 170 pods, two USB cables, power adapter and the CHATAttach Expansion Kit, which includes a 10ft cable for daisychaining the two CHAT 170 pods together (though each one can also be used separately).

The system connects to laptops or PCs via USB for easy, hands-free audio communication using Microsoft Lync. Each CHAT 170 pod contains three microphones for 360º coverage and incorporates HDConference – ClearOne’s suite of audio technologies which specifically address audio conferencing challenges such as echo, ambient noise, fidelity, level control and microphone priority.

Under Lync, the CHATAttach 170 requires no driver installation; by simply connecting it, all incoming calls ring into the CHATAttach 170. 

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