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Cinemateq unveils world’s first frame-change system for flatscreens

test 8 December 2006

Equipped with high-end technology and especially designed for a distinctive ambience, the VQ 42 HD, the VQ 50 HD and the CT 50 HD II have been introduced by Cinemateq.

Each flatscreen is configured individually to meet customer requirements, so each model can be developed specifically to fit perfectly into a furnishing style in material, colour and habitat. Thanks to the worldwide unique frame changing system, the cinemateq flatscreens can effortlessly achieve a new look within minutes.

The VQ 42 HD or VQ 50 HD models in the high-end class and the CT 50 HD II luxury version are all said to be as intelligent as they are attractive, offering user friendliness, rich colours, extraordinary picture depth and dynamics in dark scenes with breathtaking sharpness.

Standard with the CT-50 HD II and optional in the high-end class, the picture optimizer plus HD SDI control module is a highlight with a picture optimizing technology developed especially for European PAL and HDTV.

The control module generates a perfectly focused and simultaneously natural picture output of all incoming video signals in ideal depiction quality. All of the up to 11 source device signals can be selected via only one remote control.

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