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Christie unveils major display technology

test 2 February 2010
Christie unveils major display technology

Christie has launched MicroTiles, a display technology that creates a virtually seamless digital canvas in almost any size or shape.

Christie MicroTiles are modular display tiles that can be stacked and clustered like building blocks to create display walls of any shape or scale, using an entirely new, advanced optical design that produces unparalleled levels of brightness, contrast and colour reproduction, says the manufacturer.

"MicroTiles represent a distinct revolution in display technology that allows users to create their own digital canvas or digital wallpaper," commented Bob Rushby, the co-inventor, and chief technology officer of Christie. "With MicroTiles, users can express their creativity and vision, and assemble the displays in ways that have previously been unattainable using current flat panel LCD, plasma or LED walls."

Designed for long, reliable commercial use in public areas, the LED and DLP-based system offers a gap of only 1mm between the tiles. With a screen size of 16in (408mm) wide x 12in (306mm) high, the tiles also feature a shallow depth of only 10in (260mm) and require just 2in (50mm) of minimal clearance for rear ventilation.

Other key elements of the specification include the LED light engine, which is rated at 65,000 hours to half brightness usage, or nearly 7.5 years of continuous operation. Walls of tiles are controlled by a simple unit that processes the signal from the most popular digital signage and media players.

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