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Christie puts on a show in Korea

Andrew Brister 28 May 2012
Christie puts on a show in Korea

Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea uses Christie visual solutions for the signature Big-O Show, where 8 million visitors are expected between 12 May and 12 August. The Organising Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea has selected Christie Roadie HD+35K projectors for its signature multimedia night show. Set against the natural backdrop of the Yeosu Sea, the 47-metre high Big-O is the world’s largest water curtain and the landmark installation at the expo.   The “O” stands for the ocean and resembles the numerical zero to illustrate a new beginning for the sea. The show, designed and directed by France-based ECA2, which was involved in shows such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1998 World Cup in France and the Eiffel Tower Millennium Show, is expected to remain as a permanent centrepiece after the event.  Two sets of triple-stacked Christie Roadie HD+35K DLP® projectors are used to display a short animated film about ocean conservation onto the water screen at the internal rim of the “O,” which is located about 100 metres away. To complete the visuals, the “Fountain Show,” staged by the US-based WET Design, also utilises four sets of dual-stacked Christie HD+35Ks projecting content onto three sets of fountain jets located at distances of 20 metres, 25 metres and 30 metres respectively. The nightly multimedia show also includes other special effects such as moving water jets, mist, flames, lighting, and laser works.  “Projecting onto moving water is a challenging task. The Christie projectors are able to fully maximise the potential of our fountain show by adding a surreal touch. We’re very happy with the results as they really bring the whole show to life,” comments Helen Park, senior vice president, WET Design.       Under the expo’s theme “Living Ocean and Coast,” various promotional locations and pavilions at Yeosu Expo have deployed close to 250 Christie visual solutions for the 93-day event taking place 12 May to 12 August 2012. Christie J Series, Christie M Series, Christie E Series, Christie Roadie HD+35Ks, Christie Roadster S+20Ks, Christie LX Series and Christie MicroTiles are used to help visually convey the message about the need for ocean conservation to an estimated turnout of eight million visitors from around the world.

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