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Christie MicroTiles receive award

Ian McMurray 6 July 2010
Christie MicroTiles receive award


Projector manufacturer Christie has been awarded the Janus de l’Industrie 2010 by L’Institut Français du Design for its MicroTiles modular digital display solution.
The Janus de l’Industrie awards were established in 1953 to distinguish "products designed from the outset for practical value and true user benefit". The Institut Français du Design (IFD) picks products and services that put concern for users and their environment first. The designer’s intention, the product’s ethical validity and looks, the materials used and the real benefit to the user are all values which inform the IFD’s choice. The jury comprises 50 experts from a wide range of fields with backgrounds in business, the creative professions and human sciences.
"When we showcased MicroTiles at the American Institute of Architects Convention in Miami on 10th June, the system greatly impressed the audience of architecture and design professionals,” said Pascal Gervais, Christie’s regional manager for France. “We’re really proud of the success it’s been enjoying since its launch in February 2010, and now this Janus de l’Industrie confirms our belief that in MicroTiles we have the solution of the future, innovative both in its dynamic display and its design.”
Christie MicroTiles are modular digital display tiles that can be stacked and grouped to make display walls of any shape or size. Each MicroTile has a screen format 40.8cm wide by 30.6cm high. They are only 26cm thick, needing only a very small clearance for rear ventilation, and can readily be repaired or replaced from the front.


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