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Christie launches ‘world’s brightest projector’

test 3 February 2010
Christie launches 'world's brightest projector'

The Christie Roadie HD+35K shines with 32,500 ANSI lumens and features Christie’s flexible split-body design with separate lamp ballast.

Described as ‘the crown jewel’ in Christie’s three-chip DLP product range, the HD+35K features native 2048×1080 HD resolution and 10-bit image processing. Built for the road, the HD+35K ‘sets up quickly and easily, and is tough enough to withstand frequent installs’, says the company.

New to this model is a motorised lens mount that, said Christie director of product management George Tsintzouras, makes it "even more installation-friendly. This new addition enables users to focus and adjust the projected image position with a remote control from the floor; a very welcome improvement to our award-winning Christie Roadie projector line."

A lens conversion kit is available, allowing users to motorise their existing Christie Roadie lenses so that they are compatible with the new Christie Roadie HD+35K.

Tsintzouras added: "Customers will be pleased to learn that the Christie Roadie HD+35K is included in the three-year warranty programme, adding even more value without additional cost. We are confident that with its new features, the three-year warranty and Christie’s industry-leading service and support, the Christie Roadie HD+35K will offer end-users a rock solid performance."

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