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Chief adds new racks to Raxxess series

Paddy Baker 19 January 2012

Chief has launched several new AV rack solutions in its Raxxess series, which will be demonstrated at ISE. The Raxxess Series was created to make the installation process as easy and efficient as possible. According to the manufacturer, the product line boasts advanced features and quality engineering that installers love to see ­– from extra space gained in the bottom of each rack for mounting small components to offering consistent ventilation options.   The premier option in the new Raxxess Series product line, the G1 Series Gangable Rack includes hassle-free features such as pre-welded ganging nuts and easily accessible hardware, giving installer’s the ability to gang racks after components are loaded. Other user-friendly features include adjustable front and rear rack rails; optional doors that are reversible, locking and fit either the front or rear of the rack; cable management slots integrated into the horizontal rack rail for efficient cable management; and packaging designed to cushion the back of the rack for lay-down loading.   Raxxess W1 and W2 Series On-Wall Racks securely attach to any type of wall, providing a convenient, space-saving way to store components.
  W1 models (hinged) swing out from the wall on either side for easy access to cabling, and the remote rear latch gives users the ability to mount racks side-by-side or in a corner. Heavy-duty welded construction supports up to 136 kg. One 3U top panel is included for up to 300cfm of cooling.   Chief says its W2 models (pictured above – fixed) are an economical way to get all the features needed in a wall rack. The series is rated to hold up to 68 kg, and includes a reversible solid steel locking front door and rear mounting plate, designed to make hanging the rack easy. A 3U panel in the top allows users to add any standard fan panel.   Complementing this series is a full line of accessories that can be used universally across all rack solutions. The line includes thermal management accessories like the new 1U Fan Panel and Filtered Fan to protect equipment from dust.   Installers can build their own configurations of Raxxess AV racks using Chief’s online RackBuilder tool.  

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