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Centre stage: Meridian Audio’s new home cinema speakers

David Davies 11 October 2011
Centre stage: Meridian Audio's new home cinema speakers

In addition to the DSP3300 (pictured), the company has announced the introduction of a special product – and there are no prizes for guessing which milestone is being marked here – entitled 40th Anniversary System.

The new DSP3300 is the most compact Meridian DSP loudspeaker to date, described as being perfectly suited to use as a centre channel in a range of Meridian digital theatre installations.

A multi-purpose two-way digital active loudspeaker, the DSP3300 has been devised with an emphasis on versatility: it can be used singly as a centre channel speaker, for main left and right channels, or for surround channels.

The device is sold singly, so that it can be easily specified as a central channel, and is supplied with a moulded rubber mount that facilitates angling of the loudspeaker so that it projects its sounds towards the listening position while also protecting the loudspeaker and furniture that it might be placed on from scratching or scuffing.

Available now in two high-gloss paint finishes (Traffic White, Traditional High Gloss Black), the DSP3300 incorporates powerful DSP and active loudspeaker technologies, with twin 165mm bass that yield ‘impressive low frequency performance and sound pressure level’.

In addition, Meridian SpeakerLink connectivity allows the DSP3300 to be connected quickly and easily to any of the company’s Surround Sound Controllers, facilitating straightforward installation and configuration.

Meanwhile, the two founders of Meridian Audio, Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd, have collaborated once again to produce a limited edition 40th Anniversary System, comprising an enhanced pair of the flagship DSP8000 loudspeakers and a special version of the 808 Signature Reference CD Player. Available in an exclusive ‘ruby’ finish that is not available on other products in the range, the new system will be limited to only 40 numbered editions worldwide. Each system is signed by Stuart and Boothroyd, and comes with an engraved plate showing its unique system number. Each system is also provided with a (signed) book, illustrating the history of Meridian’s DSP loudspeakers.

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