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CEDIA issues new training document

David Davies 22 September 2010
CEDIA issues new training document

The new Training and Curriculum Guide provides a comprehensive explanation of possible career paths into the residential CI industry. The 32-page document incorporates coverage of courses for residential CI specialists as well as newcomers to the industry from electrical contracting, security and other backgrounds.

Among the contents of the new Guide are details on the new CEDIA education structure for the EST (Installer) Certification programme, which comprises a series of training courses devised to educate technicians of all levels in the sector about ‘need to know’ CI topics. The new structure has allowed CEDIA to introduce a new basic certificate, Technician EST1 Boot Camp, as well as to bridge the gap to the highest level of EST Certification, Technical School and EST2 Certification.

The Guide also explores CEDIA Certification for both installers and designers with the full curriculum for EST2 and EST3 – Advanced Installer, and Designer Level 1, and includes a look at the CEU-accredited Trade Supplier courses that are available for CEDIA Certified individuals.

Peter Aylett, CEDIA’s director of professional development, commented: “CEDIA has offered education to its members and those wanting an insight to the custom installation industry ever since the Association began. This simple to read guide looks at the career paths available through CEDIA, gives an overview of CEDIA Certification and CEUs (continuing education units) as well as describing the key courses. Whether new to the industry or just looking to further knowledge in a speciality area, the Guide helps you plot your path in the residential CI industry.”

For a copy of the Training and Curriculum Guide, email or call +44 (0)1480 213744. To book a course, visit the CEDIA website (below).

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