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CEDIA: Investing in education and awareness

Jo Ruddock 11 February 2015
CEDIA: Investing in education and awareness

There can be no doubt about the extraordinary success CEDIA has achieved over the years – and that, according to executive director Wendy Griffiths (pictured), is because of the ethos of the organisation.

“It’s all about sharing knowledge,” she said. “Our focus on education has always been a strength and, over the past year, we’ve continued to invest in it – our online education programme is now truly robust, and the modular approach we’ve taken has been extremely well received, as it allows our members to get precisely what they need.”

Griffiths and executive director Don Gilpin also note the work CEDIA has been doing to position itself as a valuable marketing tool for its members.

“We have invested heavily in reaching out to the architects and interior designers who are often key influencers when consumers are looking to enhance their homes, and that investment is really paying dividends because our members are starting to see tender documents coming through – documents that specify that respondents must be CEDIA members,” said Griffiths.

Griffiths notes that CEDIA members now come from 41 countries, with an upsurge in membership from countries as diverse as Poland, Nigeria, India, Pakistan and South Africa. Increasingly, CEDIA is also committing funs to local language translation with key documents already available in major languages.

CEDIA has also invested extensively in getting the word out to potential users with its consumer-facing website such that there is greater recognition of the organisation among prospective customers.

“We have put a lot of money into creating compelling content for the web site that is specifically optimised for search engine optimisation,” said executive director Don Gilpin, “and that’s really starting to pay off. CEDIA members are now finding themselves competitively advantaged against companies that aren’t members.“

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