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CEDIA Expo (US) – Control4 showcases Automation Ecosystem

test 25 September 2009

Utah-based manufacturer Control4 illustrated the concept of interoperability and integration on a practical level with its Automation Ecosystem at CEDIA. Dozens of certified industry partners demonstrated how easy it is to communicate across various applications in real time, writes Margot Douaihy.

According to Control4, the Automation Ecosystem display at CEDIA was created with five key goals: effortless entertainment; comfort and convenience; peace of mind, including home security, elderly care, and communications solutions; solutions for Apple product integration; and green living.

There were almost 20 ecosystem partners reflecting impressive application diversity: AudioShare adds several benefits to a Control4 platform, such as intercom paging; Apogee Interactive provides online energy analysis applications; Black & Decker manufactures web-enabled lock controls (pictured); Control UI created My House for Control4, an application that runs on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch, and smartphones running Google’s Android operating system; DSC provides security products; Fusion Research makes media servers; Luxul Wireless extends the coverage area of a wireless network; NAD makes AV receivers; and Closeby Networks creates a ‘Care Network’ of family, friends and professionals to monitor and care for loved ones in their own homes using multiple sensors that track activity.

Pioneer’s EntertainmentTap prototype media server includes embedded Control4 IQ technology, which enables it to function as a Control4 home controller.

Simply Reliable offers a complete proposal creation, project management and financial solution for installers. It synchronises with Control4Composer software to create a project or import an existing project.

Sony’s BDP-CX7000ES Blu-ray Disc MegaChanger uses a custom driver to integrate with Control4 home automation systems. It stores and plays up to 400 Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and CDs, allowing consumers to relocate their disc library anywhere. Sony’s current line of ES receivers are also Control4-certified products.

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