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CEDIA Expo (US) – 3D and LED dominate display demos

test 25 September 2009

Blu-ray sales doubled in 2008, according to figures released by Sony, but the big display topics at CEDIA Expo were 3D and LED, writes Margot Douaihy. “There’s nothing like the sight of a 300-pound lineman running toward you in 3D,” Michael Heiss, author and AV industry analyst, said during CEDIA’s ‘Pre-Game’ Seminar.

“And while there’s no doubt that 3D will be everywhere, there are still some questions about when, how and where.”

Though there is no industry-wide 3D standard, JVC is investing into the technology, and has created a 3D LCD monitor that produces stereoscopic images with a circular polarising filter and accepts 3D video in side-by-side or line-by-line formats.

Sony says it is uniquely positioned to drive 3D to the mass market, while Italian manufacturer Sim2 showcased its entire 2009 collection at Expo, including the Grand Cinema three-chip and single-chip DLP models, as well as LCD flat panel, LED, and 3D technologies.

Texas Instruments still runs the show in terms of DLP technology, and Digital Projection International launched HIGHlite Cine 280, a three-chip, DLP single-lamp projector that boasts 2,000 lumens and a 12,000:1 contrast ratio.

LED was the name of the game for projectiondesign’s high-style avielo brand; the avielo kroma (pictured) is implementing the company’s ReaLED technology for longer shelf life and lamp life.

In order to get the most quality from front projection, companies like the French manufacturer Screen Research diversified their offerings with products like the ClearPix3 and the MultiPix range of screen fabrics (Ultra-contrast White 1.3, Ultra-contrast White 1.5 and Ultra-contrast Gray 1.3).

Screen Research’s Gary Mardell said that the what makes the new MultiPix stand apart is the use of multi-layer technology to offer positive gain and light rejection characteristics. The company has also introduced a new screen, the Classic 2 Series.

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