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CEDIA Expo – Unique Automation takes iPhone to shower

test 15 June 2009

iPhone applications are features of the Unique Automation stand at Expo this year. The company is launching iPhone applications for light control, shower control and steam generation control through its automation products. This follows the introduction of the bathomatic and bathovision iPhone applications earlier this year.


In addition to the classic mirror finish, Unique Automation is presenting bathovision in a new mirror finish that shows the background colour of the bevelled edge around the TV screen, which is black as standard but allows customisation. This new technology improves reflectivity when the TV is off and picture quality when on, says the exhibitor.


The biggest features of the stand are bathomatic and bathovision. Bathomatic is a fully-automated bath management system that integrates with all home automation systems, according to the company. Bathovision TVs have a frameless mirror finish, are water resistant and heated to combat condensation.


In addition to the new finish on bathovision, a new bathomatic ‘easy kit’ is available. "This is bathomatic in one box – as easy to install as a conventional washing machine and within the skills of even mediocre DIY enthusiasts," the company claims.

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