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CEDIA Expo ñ Rayleigh debuts INELS

test 12 June 2009

Rayleigh Instruments is launching into the UK an intelligent building control system called INELS. Already established in mainland Europe, with many installations ranging from homes to shopping centres, the system is designed to scale to almost any size of installation.

INELS is described as a modern and intelligent electrical installation, which provides effective management of lighting, shutters, blinds, heating or cooling of individual rooms, security, electrical appliances and control of television and sound systems. INELS can be operated locally, centrally or remotely. Methods include touch-screen panel, universal remote (IR) control, voice activation, computer, mobile phone or internet.

Benefits to the installer include ease of connection via a two-wire bus system. Work can start without knowing the exact layout and function of each device, as units can be added to the bus at any time. All functions are programmed by computer using simple software, notes the developer.

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