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CEDIA Expo ñ NuVo mains business

test 12 June 2009

Appearing of the stand of its exclusive UK distributor, Habitech, NuVo Technologies is previewing the new Renovia system, which uses existing mains wiring for its multi-room infrastructure, along with the new Colour Touch Pad and developments in its Music Port server technology.

Other significant innovations on display are the new Wireless Control Pad and NuVoís Energy Star-compliant DAB and FAM dual tuners, all being shown with the companyís Essentia and Grand Concerto systems.

Scheduled for European launch early next year, Renovia has been developed as a robust, reliable and easy to install multi-room audio system that uses PowerLine Communications (PLC) technology. It will allow dealers to retrofit multi-room audio into homes, using the existing mains wiring for a quicker installation with minimal disruption.

Compatible with the companyís Grand Concerto and Renovia systems, the Colour Touch padís full colour LCD features four backlit buttons for simple access to commonly used functions. NuVo is also previewing its latest Music Port Server, which allows up to four music sources to be managed simultaneously from anywhere in the house via a simple user interface.

When paired with the Grand Concerto, Essentia E6G and Renovia systems, the Music Port Server all networked or client PCs to become conduits for music, typically from iTunes, Windows Media Player, or streamed via internet radio.

Also featured is the Wireless Control Pad. This latest option for controlling a NuVo multi-room audio system joins NuVoís hard-wired, in-wall OLED Control Pads and web browser-based Music Port interface to offer dealers a range of options. The small, sleek Wireless Control Pad features a 1.6in OLED screen, and is roughly the size of a smart phone.

Visitors can also see NuVoís single rack, Energy Star-compliant NV-T2DAB dual tuner, which receives FM and DAB broadcasts simultaneously. The tunerís signals can then be distributed throughout a home using NuVoís Essentia E6G or Grand Concerto systems. As with all NuVoNet source equipment, the two-output DAB tuner displays metadata on NuVo control pads.

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