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CEDIA Expo ñ ACA-Apex fibre goes modular

test 11 June 2009

Fibre Optics will rapidly become a necessary overlay to residential cable infrastructure systems – so says CEDIA Expo exhibitor ACA-Apex. The company argues that with converters and/or a matrix switch, fibre enables longer and reliable cable runs, and provides more design possibilities for HD picture distribution and other networking. Recognising this potential, ACA-Apex has developed a fibre optic panel that sits neatly into its established 19in panel and CRIS panel ranges.

ACA-Apex has adopted a modular approach to all of its products and has continued this with fibre optics, so that the housing for eight duplex fibre optic connectors can be slotted into existing panels with 12-way Cat5e apertures. A CRIS rack panel would have eight connectors and a 19in panel could have up to 16.

An angled version has been developed to slot into CRIS enclosures to ensure that there is a suitable bend radius for the fibres. To complete its fibre optic offering ACA-Apex will also distribute suitable cabling, tooling and connectors, as well as introducing a comprehensive installers training programme, which the manufacturer says will soon be available.

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