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CDS transparent displays showcase The Beatles at Hard Rock Café

Duncan Proctor 6 October 2015
CDS display - the beatles

A CDS transparent display has been installed at the Hard Rock Café in Orlando, Florida to showcase The Beatles memorabilia.

The 21.5in transparent showcase contains a pair of sneakers and an Abbey Road sign fronted with a transparent screen, which also has black and white content on the screen and plays music by The Beatles.

CDS managing director Chris Bartram commented: “We are always very grateful and ultimately impressed when our customers share their end result with us, obviously this is not always possible for whatever reason, but it is always nice for us as a personal company to see the end result of a project which we have been involved with from the beginning.

“Transparent technology is constantly growing and becoming increasingly popular. Over the years we have noticed the increase from being key suppliers in the market from the start that designers and architects alike are creating various unique solutions and applications which is very exciting for the technology and exciting for us to see it grow. We are always keen to assist and give advice to these companies with their ideas and designs for their projects and we feel we can offer the best of both worlds which customers will see when they receive excellent products and unbeatable service from right here in the UK.”

Crystal Display Systems

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