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Cayin launches compact dual-display digital signage player

Andrew Brister 18 April 2012
Cayin launches compact dual-display digital signage player

Cayin’s new SMP-WEBDUO upgrades users’ visual experience with a brand new design. The new player is said to be smaller, lighter, but more powerful than before. Digital signage solutions company Cayin Technology has unveiled its new generation of dual-display digital signage players, the SMP-WEBDUO. The new player is smaller, lighter, but more powerful. It provides a wider selection of multimedia content and upgrades user experience.
 The latest SMP-WEBDUO digital signage player is smaller and lighter. Compared to the old model, the new media player is three-quarters of the size and only half of the weight, offering ease of installation in a variety of venues. Cayin has also added extra functionality. A video-in function enables users to play real-time video by directly connecting to a TV tuner, DVD player, or other multimedia devices. TV programmes, movies, and even surveillance video can be easily adopted to enrich digital signage networks.
SMP-WEBDUO can also control two screens simultaneously and offers screen combinations both in landscape and portrait orientation. Users can select from the clone, distinct, or extended mode to display identical, different, or even stretched multimedia content from one screen to another. 
The digital signage player also supports four audio output jacks, enabling users to control the sound independently for each jack and output video or audio to four sets of speakers. It increases agility with flexible multimedia distribution for multi-screen applications. In addition to DVI and VGA, the new player adds an HDMI connector and widens display choices. The lossless digital audio output also produces higher sound quality and increases enjoyment. 
The remote management functions of SMP-WEBDUO can maximize efficiency and minimise daily operating costs. Users can update content, schedule playlists, adjust volume, and turn on/off screens via Ethernet, WIFI wireless, or 3G data network.

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