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Cathedral managing loudness levels with Jünger Audio normaliser

David Davies 26 September 2011
Cathedral managing loudness levels with Jünger Audio normaliser

A new system purchase has allowed Bethesda Cathedral in eastern Singapore to solve the problem of sudden peaks in the volume of its AV presentations.

A Jünger Audio Level Magic two-channel loudness normaliser has been added to the signal path between the Cathedral’s new Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing system and the distribution patch bay to automatically control the levels on any incoming signal source, regardless of its input level.

Bethesda Cathedral is built over four levels, with a 2,000-capacity main sanctuary located on the third floor. This is supplemented by a 600-capacity chapel on the groundfloor that is used as an overflow venue if the main sanctuary is full.

The cathedral’s AV system has to send audio to three locations outside the main sanctuary, including to the overflow hall. Prior to installing the Jünger Audio normaliser, audio levels in the overflow hall were difficult to control, which led to a number of complaints from worshippers who found themselves surprised by sudden fluctuations in volume. The installation of the Jünger Audio Level Magic is said to have completely solved the problem.

Daniel Chew, Bethesda Cathedral’s AV engineer, commented: “Since investing in a Jünger Audio unit, we have had no complaints from those listening to the service in any of our three remote locations. Best of it all, we don’t have to change any settings from week to week because once it was set up by Jünger Audio’s sales engineer Isaac Eng we were able to leave it alone to get on with doing its job.”

Isaac Eng acted as a consultant on the revamp, which was also designed to upgrade the cathedral’s technology and provide a more compatible interlinked AV system. Among the new items that have been installed is an Allen & Heath iLive T-112 mixing surface, an iDR-48 mix rack, an Aviom Pro16 AN-16 II personal in-ear monitoring system, an Ashly Audio 4.8SP digital speaker management processor, and an Audio Technica 4000 Series wireless system.

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