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Top tips: Your digital signage investment will be wasted without quality content

The difference between achieving effective or unsavoury digital signage can be less than you think. Here's seven top tips to help ensure you're maximising your investment

Interview: How VR is helping improve teaching and learning and why it’s anything but a fad

Can VR really help children (and school's) to improve their grades? AVTE chats with Veative VR Learn director Dave Dolan about the value that VR brings to class

Tech powered learning: Improving the educational experience for students 

Tony White, AV product specialist at ViewSonic Europe discusses the growing importance of AV tech in the classroom to tutors and students

Lenovo introduces ‘Lenovo Virtual Reality Classroom’ for revolutionary learning experiences

Lenovo Virtual Reality Classroom promises to transform the way lessons are taught and the way students (over 13) consume information, by using VR

Could your next teaching assistant be a robot? We met one that is ready to apply

It's true. Robots are now being used to help save school’s money, assist teachers, boost students learning and even host parents' evenings

Tell us about your experiences of using lecture capture technology and you could win £100

AVTE has partnered with Panasonic to conduct market research surrounding new methods of teaching remotely through the efforts of technology specifically lecture capturing

Case Study: Garforth Academy school goes interactive to mirror students “touchscreen” lives

New iiyama LCD touchscreen improves learning capabilities, reduces maintenance costs and is so simple, even a child could use it

AVIXA: Students want “meaningful, impactful, integrated experiences” in the classroom

AVIXA CEO David Labuskes discusses the importance of audiovisual (AV) technology in higher education Labuskes made the [...]

Interview: Crestron discusses the positive impact AV is having on students in the classroom

Crestron business development manager, education Phil Waterhouse discusses the changes he and his company are seeing in the modern day classro [...]

Modern projectors can turn any room, any shape or size into a ‘digital classroom’

Projectors may have lost share to displays in the classroom - but the tech is far from dead. AV Technology's Brian Nadel discusses the evolution of  ed-tech projectors

Guest article: Rebooting blended learning – the power of video in the classroom

Sam Blyth, director of schools and further education at Canvas discuss how technology has and is continuing to reshape the education sector