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Casio combines lasers and LEDs

Andy Stout 30 January 2010

Casio has announced the launch of a dual-laser and LED hybrid light source for a powerful – and potentially greener – next generation of projectors.

For environmental reasons, LED-based light sources have become something of a holy grail for projector manufacturers. Cool-running, long-lasting, LEDs promise a ‘greener’ solution than traditional lamps. Alas, they have not been able to offer the same level of brightness – but that might be about to change.

Casio has announced the launch of a laser and LED hybrid light source for the next generation of projectors under the concept names of Clear and Green, and Green Slim Projector. Units equipped with this new light source are said to be the world’s first mercury-free high-brightness projectors.

Typically, projectors over 2000 ANSI lumens employ high pressure mercury lamps. While LEDs have held out the promise of a more environmentally-friendly design, progress has been hampered by the lack of high-brightness green LEDs. Casio claims to have overcome the problem by employing an LED only for the red light.

The blue component is apparently supplied by a blue laser, while another blue laser with a phosper converter is used for the green component. The Green Slim Projector is said to achieve a brightness of up to 3000 ANSI lumens without a mercury lamp.

Only 43mm thick in an A4-sized housing, the new projector weighs just 2.3kg. According to Casio, it also benefits from an eight-second start-up, immediate shutdown and 20,000 hours long-life light source.

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