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Case study – Mipro audio solution resonates with Singapore Zoo

Andrew Brister 19 April 2011

The presenters at the Singapore Zoo have been using Mipro audio products for their shows and presentations at the various visitor attractions. TFA looks at how the latest wireless PA systems have been integrated.

Located in the Northern part of Singapore, the Singapore Zoological Gardens is a world famous “open concept” zoo, which has achieved a string of accolades for being one of the best leisure attractions providing visitors with fun-filled experience. Set in a rainforest, the animals live in spacious and landscaped environments simulating that of their natural habitat. The 28-hectare zoo offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy educational and interactive exhibits and shows which convey facts about the animals and messages about wildlife conservation. There are presentations and feeding sessions taking place throughout the day to keep visitors occupied and happy.

The presenters at the Singapore Zoo have been using Mipro audio products for their shows and presentations at the various attractions. As Mipro’s wireless portable systems have delivered good quality and natural sound reproduction, the Singapore Zoo has recently added more Mipro equipment to its list of audio equipment.@page_break@

The newly added items include 45 sets of Mipro MA-101ACT Wireless IR Remote-Control PA System, three sets of MA-202 portable wireless PA systems and three sets of MA-707 Wireless Portable PA system with matching ACT wireless transmitters. The Mipro equipment was supplied and installed by AV-Science Marketing Pte Ltd.

The MA-101ACT wireless speakers are mounted on the rafters (pictured) of the outdoor shelters in each attraction. Each speaker delivers a powerful 30 watts RMS output. With up to 97 built-in UHF frequencies, different channels can be easily set up for interference-free presentations at the various attractions within the Singapore Zoo.


Mike Hassan, from the Sound Unit of Singapore Zoo (below), is happy that the different presenters at 23 different locations in the zoo need not change microphones to match the frequency of the ceiling mounted MA-101ACT speakers, when they go to a different location. “It is good that the same MT-101ACT transmitter microphone can be used in up to 97 different locations within the zoo. Each presenter can carry his/her own personal wireless microphone from one attraction to another attraction. This minimizes the risk of bringing the microphone with the wrong RF frequency to the show or presentation.”

The Automatic Channel Targeting Feature allows the presenter to quickly select the RF frequency without worrying about the problem of interference. The presenter can also remotely turn the system on and off as well as adjust the volume, all from the wireless MT-101ACT microphone. This versatile microphone can accept external or headset microphones as well as other audio sources via a mini-phone jack input. An external audio source such as a CD or MP3 player can also be connected to the remote microphone and be heard through the monitor speaker system.

The presenters also like Mipro’s MA-202 system because other than its ability to deliver maximum portability and flexibility with superb sound quality, these small, lightweight systems also allow the presenters to slot in SD cards with pre-recorded sounds of the animals featured in the shows, to make the animal shows and presentations more real. The microphone transmitters deliver very clear and natural sound reproduction, and the battery performance has been extremely good.

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