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Case study – Four star Yafour Hotel in Syria comes alive with SGM

Andrew Brister 9 March 2011

SGM’s production and architectural lighting makes a dynamic presence at the new Yafour Hotel & Resort in Syria, with Jano For Lighting supplying a technical infrastructure to match.

Owned by Hamsho Group International, the Yafour, a four star hotel located in the nature reserve region of Yafour, outside Damascus, Syria has been built to a high standard – offering a large number of upmarket family facilities and corporate spaces – with Jano For Lighting supplying a technical infrastructure to match.

The company’s owner (and lighting designer), Ammar Jano, knew that the white marble façade of the six-storey building would be a perfect projection surface for SGM’s IP55-rated Palco 5 architectural LED fixture and that, if perfectly positioned, it would provide a dazzling wash which could clearly be seen from the nearby Damascus-Beirut highway.

These provided a perfect solution, since the Palco 5 RGB has been fitted with the new and extremely powerful K2 LED which is able to maintain even luminosity from 12 x 4.5W (Blue), 24 x 4.5W (Green) and 13 x 4.5W (Red) LEDs with low energy consumption and interchangeable lenses.

In total 18 Palco 5s were mounted, either on the ground or positioned at roof level, to deliver a stunning crossfade colour wash.

Ammar Jano, who has been working with SGM products for almost a decade, then turned his attention to the elegant and spacious banquet room, set up to host 500 people for various formal occasions — such as wedding receptions, conferences and special meetings.

The hall has been designed and furnished to give a luxurious touch, and the addition of contemporary lighting equipment and special effects further enhances that elegance.

Jano specified 12 fully-featured Idea Spot 575 conventional spots and ten Idea LED 300 moving heads, containing 108 x 3W high power LEDs, with 100,000 hours of lamp life. This offers excellent colour mixing and optional choice of lenses (with a standard 39.5° beam angle).

These were balanced with 18 ceiling-mounted Palco 3 (fitted with 25° lens) colour-changing fixtures.

The designer also used SGM Powerlight 1212D 12-channel dimmer control, Flasher DMX 1.5 strobe and Varismoke II DMX smoke machine to deliver the high-power dancefloor impact. “This combination of amazing SGM fixtures produced optimum effect,” said Jano.

With the lighting scene sets carefully programmed to make it operable by non-technical staff, the resort operators were delighted — commending both the impact of delivery and the way in which the fixtures blend into the general aesthetic of the hotel resort.

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