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Cardiff restaurant gets UK’s first Crown ComTech amps

David Davies 21 September 2011
Cardiff restaurant gets UK’s first Crown ComTech amps

A new installation at Cardiff ‘basement boutique’ restaurant The Potted Pig features the first Crown ComTech amplifiers in the UK. The Com-Techs are paired with JBL loudspeakers.

Supplied by Sound Technology Ltd, the Harman Pro UK and Ireland distributors, a pair of new ComTech 4150s were supplied to the restaurant’s installer, Chris Hooke of Total Sound Solutions, just five days after their release in the UK.

“We were relieved to receive them in time,” he confirmed. “This is a new generation installation amp with strong ‘green’ credentials. When it is not being used, and cannot detect a signal, it automatically powers down.”

Although The Potted Pig has been designed as an eight-zone environment, Chris Hooke opted for a pair of the four-channel ComTech 4150s, outputting 150W pc into 8 ohms (rather than a single eight-channel ComTech 8150). “This solution provides us with redundancy should one amplifier fail for any reason,” he remarked.

Other elements of the specification include a total of 14 JBL Control 25AV loudspeakers, located around the periphery and alcoves. The system is fed by a CD player, while there is also an iPod plug-in option.

Tim Corrigan, operations & business development manager for venue operator the Chameleon Group, remarked: “Everyone wanted that laid-back New York sound; Chris said he had the perfect speaker, and in all fairness that’s what the Control 25AVs are. The fact that every zone can have its own independent volume control is a real bonus — as a few guests have requested a quiet area which means we can turn off individual zones completely where necessary.”

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