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Canon launches new XEED Compact Installation projector series

Paddy Baker 29 May 2013
Canon launches new XEED Compact Installation projector series

Canon‘s new XEED Compact Installation series is said to provide outstanding image quality from a compact projector, while retaining the features and performance normally only found on full-size installation models.

The new series consists of two standard models and two short-throw models.

The two standard models – the XEED WUX450 and XEED WX520 – have a 1.8x zoom projection lens that delivers virtually the same brightness (to within 5%) throughout the entire zoom range. The all-new projection lens has a constant aperture of F2.8.

The combination of LCOS technology and constant brightness is unique to Canon and gives system integrators maximum flexibility over throw distances, without affecting image quality or luminosity.

The new short-throw models ­ the XEED WUX400ST and XEED WX450ST are based on the same hardware design as the new standard models, but feature a new Canon short-throw lens that offers virtually no distortion (typically 0.01%) and a throw ratio of less than 0.6:1. This means that a 100in image can be projected from just 1.2m. Despite the short focal length, the lens can produce image sizes from 30in all the way up to 300in diagonal.

Lens shift is up to 75% vertically (77% on the WX450ST), enabling installation beneath or above the screen – horizontal lens shift is also available. Canon says that these two models offer “a previously unavailable solution for system integrators; high resolution projectors with high brightness, high contrast and a shiftable wide angle lens”.

The new range is suitable for both front and rear projection.

Julian Rutland, Canon’s projector product strategy and planning director, commented: “Within the segment, nothing comes close to the quality and brightness offered by the new XEED Compact Installation series. Our partners can now offer a compact projector with comparable features and performance to larger installation models, allowing greater flexibility when meeting the needs of customers.”

The new range offers “class-leading” energy efficiency, with the standard models boasting energy consumption of just 0.081W per lumen (WUX450) and 0.068W per lumen (WX520). Both devices use less than 1W in standby.

Quick and easy maintenance features include an air filter that can be accessed without tools, and lamp access via a cover on the top of the unit, avoiding the need to uninstall the projector. Firmware updates can also be delivered via a USB flash drive.

The models are also suited to multi-display applications. Registration adjustment allows installers to perfectly align the three RGB panels, effectively eliminating convergence issues. Hardware edge blending is now built-in.

In addition, four-corner keystone correction is available across the range, and DVI and HDMI inputs are provided in all models, along with a picture-by-picture.

Julian Rutland added: “Canon is dedicated to helping system integrators provide bespoke projection solutions to their clients – whatever the environment or client brief. Our new XEED Compact Installation series offers all the features of an installation projector in a smaller chassis, whilst boasting best-in-class energy efficiency. In this way, we are providing the opportunity for our partners to target the installation market with a high quality and competitively priced product.”

The new series of XEED Compact Installation projectors, including medical variants (equipped with a DICOM simulation image mode), will be on sale in the second half of 2013.

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