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Canadian open-air shopping centre installs Community W Series

Duncan Proctor 25 November 2014
Canadian open-air shopping centre installs Community W Series

Highstreet Fraser Valley has recently installed a new audio system featuring Community W Series speakers throughout. Located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada Highstreet is a 600,000sqft open-air shopping centre spanning three storeys.

Genesis Integration Inc., was commissioned to provide audio for Highstreet and the project was managed by the company’s Vancouver office. Designed by Ross Hazlehurst and Dan Moran of Genesis, the sound system’s primary purpose is music, but it also provides for announcements including emergency instruction.

Hazlehurst explained the loudspeaker choice, “The loudspeakers would be subjected directly to the elements, so we needed a design that could handle this and sound incredible. Our first choice was Community, using the quality and wide dispersion of W SERIES for areas adjacent to the buildings, and R SERIES where greater throw was required.”

Sixty Community W SERIES W2-2W8 surface mounted loudspeakers are distributed throughout the mall, as well as a set of R SERIES R.5-94’s that re-enforce sound across the single large parking area. The system is set up as a single source throughout, but due to the large area there are five satellite racks that feed off the main rack. These smaller racks house a local amplifier which feeds the zone in that proximity. All processing of the audio is via Biamp AudiaFLEX DSP.

“One challenge in such a large construction was creating a single zone from a central rack over such great distances”, Hazlehurst commented. “But we solved this with RDL audio transmitter receivers that daisy chained the audio from rack to rack.”

Hazlehurst concluded, “To my knowledge, this is the first outdoor mall of its kind in BC to have sound re-enforcement of this calibre. For me, this mall is reminiscent to the outdoor malls I have seen in California, such as Universal City. It lifts the perspective from just being a shopping centre to more of an entertainment facility. The coverage and quality of sound is excellent and all the feedback we have received has been very positive.”

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