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Calibre UK’s export success wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Paddy Baker 23 April 2012

Image processor manufacturer Calibre UK has won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. The award has been made in recognition of the company’s growth and traction in the video and display market.   Over the past three years, Calibre UK has introduced five new image processing product lines designed to address the increasing display needs of video professionals. At the same time, the company has established a strong distribution partnership with many companies in Germany, the UK, Poland the Middle East, the USA, Australia, India and China, and has also educated the market on its warp and blend technology.   A proud Tim Brooksbank (pictured), Calibre chairman, said: “As a British company based in Bradford, Yorkshire, it’s great to be recognised by such a well-respected institution. Receiving The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade firmly establishes us as one of the world’s leading suppliers of video processing equipment, providing world-class innovation and growth.”

Speaking to Installation Europe, Brooksbank said he attributed Calibre’s sales success to getting the mix of product features right, and re-investing a large proportion of income into engineering and R&D "We typically invest 20-25% of revenue into new technology and product development," he said. "That is not usual for a British company, although it is more common in countries which are more successful nowadays in engineering and manufacturing."

He continued: "We also have invested heavily in product and brand marketing and awareness of what we do, as well as being ready to support our products when needed.This combination of engineering and marketing investment has enabled us to punch way above our weight, so that our small Yorkshire-based company now sells worldwide, and as an OEM manufacturer provides products and technology to some of the world’s biggest and best brands in our industry."

Asked to highlight the most successful territories and markets for Calibre, he singled out Germany, Asia and the USA. "This has been due to development of strategic partnerships with partners in those regions for product distribution and as OEM customers," he explained. The company’s strongest sectors at present are pro AV and medical; however, he expects to see a surge in broadcast sales following last week’s NAB launch of the FoveaHD motion-compensated standards converter.

Returning to the award, we asked Brooksbank if he will get to meet The Queen during her Diamond Jubilee year.
"I believe I do but as yet I’m not sure when," he explained. "I understand that those companies who win awards usually receive an invite to a garden party at Buckingham Palace in the summer and do get to meet with Her Majesty. I’d better buy a new suit!"

POSTSCRIPT: Three pro-audio companies have also received accolades. Read about Allen & Heath, Focusrite and Turbosound’s Queen’s Awards at sister title PSNEurope’s website.

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