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C-nario platform chosen for new concept showroom

Paddy Baker 2 April 2010
C-nario platform chosen for new concept showroom

C-nario’s digital signage platform has been selected as the main huge storefront display of Turk Telekom’s new concept showroom in Istanbul, TTGaleri. The storefront display for Turkey’s largest telecommunications provider is part of a larger project implemented by Istanbul-based design/production company Dreambox.

C-nario’s platform enables TTGaleri to display advertisements on a huge screen while projecting the video seamlessly both horizontally and vertically (2D) using six projectors in two rows (3 x 2). The screen was designed for interfacing with real-time interactive systems, such as gesture-controlled applications; this aspect to the project will be undertaken in the second phase.

The showroom includes a variety of other attractions, designed and implemented by Dreambox, including multi-touch multi-user game tables, gesture-controlled wall projection games, a soccer game floor, multi-touch and single-touch infotainment kiosks, and a custom-designed interactive digital assistant to welcome visitors.

"The unique contents, custom software and designs produced for Turk Telekom Group by Dreambox enable TTGaleri to provide visitors with information about Turk Telekom Group, its products and services in an entertaining way, while promoting and enhancing the brand," said Ece Sancak, marketing strategy director, Dreambox.

Yael Elstein, C-nario’s VP marketing, added: "We are delighted to be a partner in this unique and innovative project that creates a ‘wow’ experience for everyone who enters the showroom. Our technology perfectly fits Dreambox’s requirements for an attractive huge pixel-perfect display for a retail window."

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