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Busy ISE for InfoComm

David Davies 7 February 2011
Busy ISE for InfoComm

Terry Friesenborg from ISE joint sponsor InfoComm described ISE’s rapid development as “thrilling” during the show last week.

Friesenborg – who is InfoComm’s senior v-p of international development – acknowledged the growth of a show that now rivals InfoComm’s US show in its ability to attract a large and loyal visitor base.

“There is a clear parallel between the growth of our membership in Europe and the development of ISE during the last few years,” he said. “The event allows us to meet members and potential members, as well as providing an educational delivery system.”

In addition to the inaugural ISE edition of the organisation’s Future Trends summit, InfoComm contributed to a 36-seminar programme examining subjects such as audio DSP and IP integration.

While these sessions were very much live and in real-time, InfoComm is currently spending considerable time and effort to bring much of its educational programme into a ‘virtual classroom’ concept.

“We found that it can be very difficult, especially in these economically challenging times, to take someone out of the workforce and lose their productivity for three working days,” says Friesenborg, adding that the new approach allows users “to take 1.5 hours of their schedule a couple of times a week” over an extended time-frame.

Meanwhile, work on the organisation’s standards and best practices programmes is continuing apace. Two standards have already received ANSI approval, and several more are in development.

“Historically, [pro-A/V] has not been very standards-based, but as an industry we need standards to be able to move forward,” concludes Friesenborg. 

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