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Brahler Digimic is centre stage

Andy Stout 29 January 2010
Brahler Digimic is centre stage

Brähler´s digital discussion platform takes centre stage at ISE 2010 with its digitally controlled microphone management system.

Digimic stands for digitally controlled microphone management system. It is said to match digital broadcast and studio audio requirements, meeting the needs of today’s conferencing world.

To convert a wired Digimic to wireless, simply replace the cable with a battery; if a wireless system is not the best solution for your application simply reconnect the cable. It is as simple as that.

True plug and play setup ensures that any microphone unit is operational instantly when connected. At any time the system can be expanded to include Brähler’s conference software. TCP/ IP communication is used to offer microphone control and name handling as well as other conference requirements.

“As the inventor of the single-cable-technology, one of Brähler’s primary goals when developing a wireless system was to achieve the same reliability and high quality as that of a wired system,” stated the company.

“In today’s conferences different wireless devices, such as mobile phones or laptop with WiFi communication are necessary and sometimes an essential part of the conference. The wireless Digimic is based on an intelligent transmission protocol, which assures the audio quality and reliability of a wired conference system, combined with the flexibility and freedom offered by wireless.”

A new transmission protocol has been introduced with adaptive frequency hopping, dynamic frequency diversity and forward error correction. The rechargeable batteries are lithium-polymer type with more than two days’ operating time.

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