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Bose in Bolton for latest HoW install

Paddy Baker 23 August 2010
Bose in Bolton for latest HoW install

Bose Panaray loudspeakers and ControlSpace DSPs have been installed at the central mosque in Bolton, UK. The Zakariyya Jame Masjid mosque hosts worship services in addition to serving as a meeting place for many local groups and agencies, and providing Islamic education for children and adults from the surrounding areas.

Bose Pro partner Apple Sound was invited to recommend a loudspeaker system that could enhance speech quality and audibility in the prayer hall, as well as upgrading the control system to provide a simplified user interface. Following a successful demonstration, Apple Sound installed six Bose Panaray MA12 line array loudspeakers in two triple stacks with Panaray MB4 bass support, along with a Bose ControlSpace ESP-88 DSP and ControlSpace CC64 controller to manage the whole sound system.

A single user interface allows easy access to presets for room combinations, effects processing, recording and interpretation settings.

Laurence Pierce, field engineer at Bose Professional Systems Division, told IE: "The Panaray MA12 line array loudspeaker addresses issues of high reverberation in large spaces such as in the mosque, and when a key factor in the client brief is good speech intelligibility, the MA12 can be relied upon to deliver. Apple Sound have used our line array speakers in many different projects, always to good effect, and combined with the Bose ControlSpace engineered sound processor, the client can be assured of a reliable and easy-to-use system."

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