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Bosch installs world’s largest Praesideo PA/VA system in Dubai

Jo Ruddock 29 March 2011
Bosch installs world's largest Praesideo PA/VA system in Dubai

Dubai International Airport is home to world’s largest Praesideo Public Address and Emergency Sound System from Bosch. With more than 120 Active Line Arrays, 3500 ceiling speakers, 250 sound projectors and 400 XLA Line Arrays, the extension of Dubai International Airport with Terminal 3 and Concourse 2 is a huge insallation. All these speakers are driven by more than 300 amplifiers interconnected with 125 Cobranet units in a single system controlled by 44 Network Controllers in a redundant configuration that is fully EVAC compliant.

The central control of this system consists of a software application provided by the Building Information System (BIS) from Bosch, taking care of central logging, redundancy handling, PC call-station functionality and the interfacing to the automatic announcement system, as well as other airport systems such as the fire alarm, flight information and building management systems.

Given the size of this project, new ways of designing, logistic processing and shipments needed to be developed on the fly. For the special architecture of this airport, the German company Rahe-Kraft was subcontracted to provide an optimal acoustic design to meet the customer’s specifications – as was proven during a successful trial period that ended in October 2010.

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