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Bosch goes on the road

Ian McMurray 3 March 2011
Bosch goes on the road

Bosch began its new Video Solutions tour on March 2nd in Copenhagen visiting cities across Europe and beyond. Aimed at system integrators, consultants, engineers and distributors, the company says that the tour gives people the opportunity to catch up with the latest in security solutions and experience them first-hand. People can also find out about the benefits and features of Bosch products directly from on-site specialists. Popular demos, including model road and rail layouts, will be used to illustrate the solutions’ effectiveness.

For medium-sized to enterprise applications, the tour focuses on two areas: Bosch’s complete HD (High Definition) solutions portfolio and Bosch IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis). According to Bosch, the HD portfolio encompasses everything ‘from scene to screen’, and delivers the highest quality HD image performance across the entire surveillance chain. Bosch IVA works independently on each camera, identifying alert conditions and signalling operators instantly, allowing them to react swiftly. IVA watches all the action all the time, the company says, greatly improving security and safety.

Those interested in surveillance for small businesses and similar applications can see a wide variety of solutions covering HD as well as both IP and analogue systems. Among the highlights is the IP 200 Series, high performance all-in-one solutions which are said to offer the convenience of having a complete system – including video recording and storage – in a compact camera or dome.

Beginning in Copenhagen in Denmark and Gothenburg in Sweden, the Bosch Video Solutions tour follows two routes, covering northern and southern Europe separately. The tour will visit at least 24 cities, with each route covering about 7,000 km.

There is a dedicated website supporting the tour. It includes maps that use GPS tracking to show the current location of the tour trucks as they make their way across Europe.

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