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Boatswain’s porcelain lights are good enough to eat

Andrew Brister 2 October 2012
Boatswain’s porcelain lights are good enough to eat

Boatswain Lighting’s research and development has resulted in a collision between LED colour changing controllers and ancient porcelain and created a wonderful find – edible light! “We always knew that porcelain adds a cast of cream and honey to white light thanks to the natural translucent minerals within our recipe,” says Jason Boatswain of Boatswain Lighting. “None of us at the Boatswain studio anticipated what would happen when we experimented with the intense spectrum of pure colour that is generated by the new generation of LEDs.” It seems that certain pure colours created through an RGB controller are ‘naturalised’ by the porcelain to produce what can only be described as edible fruit and pastel hues. Many of Boatswain’s projects have used translucent porcelain in rectangular form to create lighting features, especially in its chandelier ranges. However developments in the way that the company is constructing the frames are allowing it to create different patterns of porcelain. “We now have the freedom to make tiles of various shapes to create a whole new range of porcelain lighting features to enhance the style of an interior scheme,” says Boatswain. 

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