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BMB shows new invisible Amina speaker

Paddy Baker 19 January 2012

The first member of Amina’s new Evolution family of ‘invisible’ loudspeakers, the AIW350, is being exhibited by distributor BMB Electronics at ISE.
Featuring Amina’s OptiDrive and OptiDamping technologies, the AIW350 is said to deliver significantly improved sound quality in key areas. While OptiDrive facilitates a more accurate frequency response, OptiDamping increases low frequency extension and dynamic range, resulting in improved bass definition.
The use of these new technologies – developed over the last three years by the Amina R&D team – is said to move invisible loudspeaker performance a ‘significant step forward’.
The new speaker fits the existing backboxes and has the same dimensions as the AIWX Series, which will continue alongside the new Evolution family.

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