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BMB Electronics showcasing URC, Parasound and more at ISE

David Davies 11 January 2012
BMB Electronics showcasing URC, Parasound and more at ISE

Fresh from URC for ISE 2012 is the Total Control Product Line – a range that is set to cement the company’s status as a whole home control solutions provider.

The introduction of the Total Control line enables URC to offer solutions that deliver whole home audio, automation, climate control, IP-based surveillance and more. No matter what native protocols utilised by control devices or subsystems (IP, IR, RS-232, Relay, Sensor), Total Control allows any device to communicate with any other device.

Parasound, meanwhile, will showcase Z-CD, an ultra-compact CD player whose feature-set includes the ability to play MP3s from a CD-R or USB flash drive. An analogue volume control allows the user to combine the Z-CD with the Zamp v.3 power amplifier for a high-end compact stereo system without the need for a separate preamp. As with all other products in the Z custom line-up, the front panel is half a standard rack width and can lock together with other items from the range for use in a standard rack.

From Planet Waves, the universal RCA, BNC and F connectors allow users to employ the patented Planet Waves time-saving termination process on standard RG6, RG6 Quad and RG59 coax cables.

With the introduction of these new universal connectors, the usual process of terminating coax involving two-step stripping and crimping tools has been eliminated. Through the use of Planet Waves’ one-step strip tool, the coaxial jacket, shield and insulator are cut and removed in a single step, leaving just the copper centre conductor exposed to the correct length for the connector. The coaxial cable is then simply inserted into the universal connector. The process is concluded by tightening down the patented screw that cuts the jacket to complete the connection while holding the connector securely in place.

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