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Blue Aura’s ‘wireless joy’

David Davies 15 August 2011
Blue Aura's 'wireless joy'

Ensuring appeal to the ‘most discerning music fan’ while complementing today’s lifestyles are among the priorities for Blue Aura, now making its UK debut with two products.

The first of these, the WS80i Wireless Loudspeaker System, allows the user to send the signal from any device – be it an MP3 player, computer or traditional hi-fi – to the speakers, which can be placed anywhere in the home. The STS wireless technology – operating at 44.1 kHz – is said to be extremely robust and not prone to interference from microwave ovens, telephones or wireless networks. Incorporating Class D amplification, the system is supplied with two active speakers, a transmitter and multi-function remote control, plus all the necessary accessories. The speakers are covered with faux leather, available in black or white with alternate colour stitching.

Blue Aura’s MD, Nick Holland, told IE Residential: “Today we are experiencing new listening behaviours. Music is supplied via the internet, PCs/laptops and MP3 players, and it’s with this in mind that Blue Aura has developed a new and innovative wireless speaker system

“The system allows you to send the audio signal from any device to the WS80 loudspeakers situated within thirty metres of the source device. Music can be effortlessly streamed around the house to provide music in every room. The same audio signal can even be sent to multiple rooms!

“The WS80i is supplied with everything required to enable all types of source devices to be used, but the easiest way to get up and running is to place the powered WS80 speakers in the desired location close to convenient wall sockets then connect the transmitter to a free USB port on your laptop/PC/Mac. The operating system will recognise the transmitter as headphones. By pressing the ‘station’ button on the remote control the signal will cycle through the three zones and lock on once the signal is found.

“The WS80i system has an easy upgrade path; by adding more transmitters more source devices can be used, and there is no limit to the amount of WS80s that can be added to an existing system.”

The other new product – the WS30i Active Monitors – is said to deliver the “perfect compact multi-use listening experience”. These speakers – suitable for use with music players, TVs and computers – will fit neatly onto a desktop or bookshelf.

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