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Biamp paging system earns extra standards approvals

David Davies 22 September 2010
Biamp paging system earns extra standards approvals

Biamp Systems has announced that its Vocia critical paging and voice evacuation system has been independently verified for use in EN 60849- and AS 60849-compliant life safety systems.

Verification guarantees to commercial sound integrators and distributors that Vocia meets relevant government specifications for life safety paging and voice evacuation systems throughout the European Union and Australia.

“This independent verification demonstrates Biamp’s continued dedication to meeting the highest life safety standards worldwide,” said Graeme Harrison, Biamp’s vice president of international sales. “Vocia delivers the versatility and reliability that governments and businesses from London to Sydney demand in evacuation and alarm systems.”

EN 60849 and AS 60849 specify performance requirements for complete sound reinforcement systems. Both standards complement the new, more stringent EN 54-16 certification, which is issued for individual components within an emergency system and was awarded to Vocia in June.

Independent consultant Michael Creydt issued the new verification last month after confirming Vocia would meet system demands and expectations for EN 60849 and AS 60849 systems.

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