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BenQ BlueCore projector uses laser light

Paddy Baker 30 January 2012

BenQ’s new BlueCore next generation light engine uses a laser light source, which is said to achieve much greater energy efficiency, improved projection performance and instant start up.

The new short-throw BenQ LX60ST and LW61ST are the first education projectors to incorporate BlueCore. The mercury-free light source is safer and more environmentally friendly, and can dim the light source power by up to 90% to achieve a contrast ratio as high as 80,000:1. It should also deliver 20000 hours of optimal brightness and reliable performance, with no sudden decrease in brightness plus nearly three times the lifetime of a mercury lamp.

Thanks to BlueCore’s use of laser light and the heat sink design, users have the flexibility to set up the projector tilted 360° degrees in either direction around the vertical.

The two projectors also feature: 2,000 ANSI lumen brightness; XGA/WXGA resolution; 0.6/0.49 short-throw projection; two 10W built-in speakers; microphone input; <0.5W standby power; Apple iPhone/iPad wireless display support; LAN Display; and USB Display.

Stand: 4U35

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