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Beale Street Audio showcases Sonic Vortex speaker technology

Installation Staff 20 January 2015
Beale Street Audio showcases Sonic Vortex speaker technology

After a soft launch at ISE 2014, Beale Street Audio is substantially expanding its presence at ISE 2015 and showcasing its speaker range based on the company’s Sonic Vortex technology. This, the company says, will redefine how all other loudspeakers are judged, delivering deep, rich bass unlike anything that has ever been heard in a small enclosure.

Sonic Vortex is described as a twist on a traditional ported enclosed design, and has some roots in transmission line technology. It is built into the integrated back box of the speakers, and is claimed to deliver significantly more bass. This is achieved due to the main port of the enclosure being broken down into multiple sections called “fins” that are tuned to spec. The fins compress and move air at a high rate of speed without port noise and also add to cabinet rigidity. They are also said to deliver a flatter frequency response, a 6 to 9db boost in the mid-lower bass ranges compared to sealed models, an amplifier-friendly design, and to be highly affordable.

According to Beale Street Audio, another benefit of Sonic Vortex is that is it scalable. The depth and width of the integrated enclosure manufacturing can vary based on the model produced, while still providing enhanced bass and overall performance compared to other products in similar sizes and categories.

Stand: 1-P85

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