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Barix IP audio in 300-store roll-out

David Davies 12 September 2011
Barix IP audio in 300-store roll-out

An IP audio system featuring Barix components is being rolled out to 300 Penny Market Italy retail stores in a move designed to enhance the overall shopper experience.

A leading discount chain in Italy, Penny Market is delivering music, advertisements and national promotions to all 300 stores through Penny FM, a live audio programme stream that acts as a branded retail radio station. Barix Audio over IP solutions support reliable distribution of the stream to the individual stores, which is broadcast in real-time.

Penny Market Italy uses three Barix Instreamer encoders and leased lines to send audio streams to a server farm. Barix Barionet IP control devices build unicast streams for each store at the server farm and deliver the streams over an MPLS network. The Barix Replicator application, running on the Barionets, delivers main and backup streams to Barix Exstreamer IP decoders at the stores. The Exstreamers decode the streams for playout over their corresponding loudspeakers.

“Penny FM adds a touch of personality to the shopping experience through dedicated programmes tailored to the customer,” said Mirko De Dominicis, network and security manager, Penny Market Italy. “The Barix IP audio solution improves the image of our stores and makes a positive impact on staff and customers. Penny FM provides the right balance of entertainment and information, while increasing point-of-purchase sales and generating new revenue streams through advertising.”

Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG, commented: “This Barix IP Audio solution offers significant savings for Penny Market Italy as it offers reliable, direct connectivity through its existing IP network infrastructure. Network bandwidth costs are minimised, and the lack of media server and PC infrastructure requirements nearly eliminates maintenance.”

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