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Barix announces new intercom for transportation sector

David Davies 31 August 2010
Barix announces new intercom for transportation sector

The Annuncicom 155 IP intercom and announcement device was developed primarily for use on trains, and in rail stations and tunnels. The first Barix device to meet EN50155 standard requirements for all rail vehicle installations, the Annuncicom 155 enables system integrators to set-up tailored communication infrastructures ranging from simple door intercom, PA and background music, to more complex arrangements encompassing extensive monitoring functions and emergency announcement systems.

The basic principle of an Annuncicom 155 system entails the connection of at least two devices to a standard TCP/IP LAN network to exchange live announcements as well as priority, monitoring and control information for a stand-alone system. Barix SIP firmware can enable integration into conventional SIP-based telephone systems, while control signals and a serial port allow the connection of a selector switch, buttons or display. This enables destination selection and the control and display of connection status.

The Annuncicom 155 can operate as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with PCs and central IT management in a standard network, enabling low-cost and quick configuration of the communication system while ensuring future expansion.

Johannes G Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG, told IE: “The growing global population, along with space and resource restrictions, means that there is high demand for improved and efficiently managed public transportation. Therefore transportation is a strategic growth market for Barix.

“Reliable, standards-based voice communication systems are needed for both stationary and rolling applications. Barix has already put its stake in the ground for stationary applications, with Exstreamer IP audio decoders in service at rail stations around the world, notably Swiss Federal Railways and New Jersey Transit in the US. The Annuncicom 155 is a reaction to partner demands for a very ruggedised, standards- and certifications-compliant product that brings all the benefits of a Barix solution into the rolling stock. The device is already being specified into projects, both retrofits and new installations.”

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