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Barco supplies China’s first commercial aviation simulation and VR system

Paddy Baker 10 June 2013
Barco supplies China's first commercial aviation simulation and VR system

The first simulation and virtual reality system in China’s commercial aviation industry is to be supplied by Barco. The system consists of Barco’s Holospace L-shaped stereoscopic environment and five Galaxy NW-12 active 3D stereo projectors, providing high-resolution and full-immersion 3D stereoscopic environment. It will be used for daily training of aerospace engineers at Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC).

Aerospace engineers need to visualise and analyse complex mechanical structures, but hands-on training aircraft training is often very costly and inconvenient. To solve this problem, COMAC has adopted Barco’s simulation and virtual reality training system.

Zhenwei Wang, minister of pilot training department at Comac Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., commented: “We are the first to integrate simulation and virtual reality technology with trainings for aerospace engineers in China’s commercial aviation industry. Based on leading design and rich installation experience, this system provides full-immersion into lifelike physical environments and helps improve our actual operation expertise significantly.”
In the preliminary design phase, Barco and COMAC negotiated the proposed design after identifying customer needs, including virtual assembly/disassembly training, meetings and reporting. Using its SIMCAD design platform, Barco provided the customer with a comprehensive customised solution.

Five units of high-resolution Galaxy NW-12 active stereo projectors have been installed for the main screen, floor screen and side screens respectively. This enables 3D stereoscopic images of the inner cabin, engine and mechanical facilities of a real aircraft to be displayed at a scale of 1:1, providing users with a highly immersive experience. Integrated with an L-shaped Holospace stereoscopic environment and ART interactive project equipment, it creates a lifelike physical training environment for the engineers.

The large visual field and interactive scenario and operation enable three or four people to undergo simulation training. In addition, the installation functions as a large and medium-sized meeting system with multiple eye points. “Barco provided complete support covering project design, application and installation, fully satisfying our requirements for different applications of the system,” Wang added.

Tang Feng, Barco’s managing director sales & service entertainment for Greater China., stated: “In pace with China’s strategic adjustment and great support to the further development of aviation and the aerospace industry, cutting-edge display technologies have been increasingly applied in this field. Barco has provided great technical support for the Chinese aerospace industry, such as the launch of Shenzhou-IX manned spacecraft and Tiangong II space laboratory. It is our honour to be selected by COMAC and we will continue to provide premium service and leading system solutions for this field to promote the sector and the information-based development of China.” 

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