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Barco shows LED leadership

test 2 February 2010
Barco shows LED leadership

The manufacturer is majoring on its FLX transformable LED system and LED rear-projection walls at ISE 2010.

Barco processes about 2 million LEDs per week, a fact that the company uses to back up its claims of leadership of the LED market. At ISE, the company is looking to provide further proof for its claims in the shape of two products it is highlighting.

When the company introduced the FLX transformable LED last year, Barco described it as a brand new concept that meant that designers were no longer limited to traditional LED displays, but could instead create any shape they wanted. FLX, says Barco, is a unique freeform LED concept in which the pixel modules are designed to remain a stable basic component.

The structures can be frequently transformed into new shapes, enabling customers, says Barco, to adapt readily to changing trends and needs. The company points out that creative LEDs need not only be used in events; it is equally suited for a wide range of fixed applications as well, especially in the architectural market.

Barco is also featuring its LED rear-projection video walls for control room applications. Barco’s LED video wall has been developed based on the experience the company has gained since it began designing and producing LED signage in the 1990s.

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