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Barco’s ClickShare: better management of laptops in meeting rooms

Paddy Baker 23 April 2012

Barco is promising an end to common meeting-room problems with ClickShare, a solution that allows up to four people to connect their computers instantly to the central AV system.
The system consists of four USB devices, known as ClickShare Buttons, a Base Unit and a storage basket. The Base Unit has a fixed connection to the meeting room’s AV system and handles all the processing. Users who want to put their presentation on the large meeting room screen connect a ClickShare Button to their PC or Mac, and click it. Immediately their desktop is transferred wirelessly to the large visualisation system.
Because up to four people can use ClickShare at once, the system eliminates the wasted time involved in unplugging and reconnecting video cables between laptops. It also gets rid of the issue of laptop display resolutions changing on connection to the main system, as all content is displayed optimally.
As well as PowerPoint presentations, ClickShare can also handle video clips with frames up to 20 fps, and can also channel audio through the meeting-room system.
“ClickShare is one of those innovations that really excite people,” said Eric Van Zele, CEO of Barco. “You can immediately see that it’s a spot-on concept that will make life easier for millions of people every day. And the best thing is: ClickShare is so incredibly simple to use. Click and you’re on-screen. Everybody can do it. And because people are encouraged to share more information with the other participants, ClickShare will change meeting dynamics forever. Barco is very proud to launch this product today – we really believe ClickShare will strengthen our company’s position in the corporate AV market.”  

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