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Barco, Crestron, AMX and Christie present meeting-room solutions at InfoComm 2013 (VIDEO)

Paddy Baker 24 June 2013
Barco, Crestron, AMX and Christie present meeting-room solutions at InfoComm 2013 (VIDEO)

One noticeable trend at InfoComm 2013 was the proliferation of solutions designed to eliminate the hassle involved in getting documents from the screens of laptops, tablets and other devices onto the main display in the meeting room. Barco, Crestron, AMX and Christie were all presenting their takes on this particular issue.

Barco has had a lot of success in this area with Clickshare, which it launched a year ago, and at InfoComm the company was demonstrating some recent updates to the product.

Watch Barco Clickshare demonstration video

These include Apple and Android apps, which support JPEG images and PDF documents. iPad users can share videos using Clickshare Link, which can be connected between the Clickshare based units and an Apple TV – content is transferred from the tablet via AirPlay.

A further feature for computer users is the extended desktop – which enables a presentation to be displayed on the main room display while the presenter can view notes or emails on their device screen.

Crestron was showing its new AirMedia wireless HD presentation solution for small conference rooms and huddle rooms that don’t have an AV system. Using AirMedia, anyone can walk into a room, connect to the existing display over Wi-Fi, and wirelessly present HD content from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Content from up to four devices can be shown simultaneously on one room display, and up to 32 users can connect at once.

Users can connect to AirMedia in three ways. Laptop users can enter a web address to begin a presentation; mobile device users can connect via a free downloadable app; and in large enterprises, the IT department can push the client executable file to all laptops on the network.

AMX’s Enzo enables documents to be selected from local files, a USB device or Dropbox Cloud storage. For the latter, the document owner can simply scan a QR code to give Enzo access to their documents for the meeting; another QR code is used for document sharing. When the session is ended at the close of the meeting, the link to the Dropbox folder is broken, purging the files.

Christie, meanwhile, was showing its new Brio presentation system. This uses wired or wireless connections to share up to five simultaneous audio and video presentations on one or two meeting-room displays – uncompressed 1080p 60Hz video is supported. All users, even those not physically present in the room, can collaborate on and annotate the material being presented. 

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