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“World class” AV now crucial to students when selecting their university

Michael Garwood 2 October 2017

With annual university tuition fees continuing to rise – so are the demands from students – says University of Hertfordshire solution architect for AV and digital media Adam Harvey 

The quality of AV provided by universities to students both in and out of the lecture theatre is becoming a key factor for students when deciding which university they wish to attend.

This is the view from University of Hertfordshire solution architect for AV and digital media Adam Harvey (pictured), who told AVTE that with average tuition fees in the UK now costing students upwards of  £9,000 a year, it’s becoming “vital” for institutions like his own to ensure investment in AV meets their needs and expectations.

“Having world class facilities like this is what helps to attract students,” said Harvey, who has held the position at the university for three years and is responsible for all for all AV decisions made within the boundaries of the every changing 200-hectare site. “The world of AV is always moving forward.”

The University of Hertfordshire, which has more than 25,000 students, has invested heavily in its AV equipment and solutions in recent years as part of a £200 million facilities upgrade – plus £50 million on a new “state of the art” Science Building (pictured), which benefits from AV over IP.

Harvey explained technology changes fast and its crucial that universities keep up – with equipment typically needing to be replaced or upgraded every three years.

He added, its vital that students have access to everything they need to facilitate their ability to learn, be that in a lecture theatre, learning zones, resource centre (library) and in their halls of residence.

“We feel we very much have our finger on the pulse when it comes to providing students and teachers alike with what they need,” said Adam. “Everything we do is motivated and designed to make the lives of our students and academic staff better. AV is prolific wherever you go.”

To find out more about the way the University of Hertfordshire is using AV, please read our full in-depth AV on Campus feature, where Adam Harvey gave AVTE a personal guided tour of the site. 








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