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Kino-mo sends retailers and customers spinning with incredible 3D advertising displays

Michael Garwood 5 December 2017

New 3D holographic projectors look like mini helicopters and are helping send revenues and footfall at some of the world’s biggest retailers send their revenues  soaring 

During the 2017 Plasa event in London back in September, there were countless examples of impressive AV technologies on display.

However, one exhibitor stood out more than most, leaving attendees baffled, confused but unquestionably impressed.

The company in question is Kino-mo, a British-born business (backed by Sir Richard Branson) who was showcasing Hypervsn – a projection display technology, which transform images and videos into 3D holograms, which to the naked eye appear to float in mid-air.

Post show, AVTE met up with Kiryl Chykeyu, who co-founded the firm in 2011 – before launching this year at CES in Vegas – to find out more.

All advertising providers are engaged in a cut-throat fight for every customer. We help our customers stand out 

Hi Kiryl. How would you describe Hypervsn?

Hypervsn is a solution for creating, managing and displaying unique 3D visuals that are perceived by viewers as hi-resolution floating holograms. It’s a unique combination of high-tech projection units and a proprietary management platform.

How does it work? 

Hypervsn is based on sophisticated LED technology, which allows you to produce incredibly realistic hologram like 3D visuals. The solution was developed by Kino-mo engineers on the basis of the latest technologies in microelectronics and IT.

Usually when it comes to holograms, it implies difficult installation, a lot of expensive equipment, certain environment conditions, etc. In the case with Hypervsn, it is the other way round. It is simple to install and relocate, there are various accessories making it possible to mount devices to ceilings, walls and shelves, and you do not need any special people to schedule media campaigns for you.

How complex is Hypervsn to manage? 

The integral part of the Hypervsn solution is the proprietary, cloud-based management platform developed by Kino-mo specifically for the projection units. It doesn’t matter how many devices you have in your network, you can manage them all remotely from a single location.

There is an extensive functionality on the platform. For example, one can upload unique 3D video content or choose visuals from the extensive content library, create playlists and schedule customised media campaigns. We also have content creation tools, which help you transform 2D images and texts into 3D visuals suitable for Hypervsn.

What are the benefits over other display tech?

People are surrounded by thousands of ads on a daily basis. All advertising providers are engaged in a cut-throat fight for every customer. So what we actually do is help our customers stand out from other market players, truly drive a competitive advantage and instantly catch the eye of their potential clients. We provide our customers with much more than a projection unit. We give them an ultimate tool to eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach, foster advocacy and capture customers like no one else. 3D visuals generated with the help of Hypervsn projection units are incredibly realistic and clearly seen at a distance, even under brightly-lit conditions. Designed to work 24/7, our devices are in fact energy-friendly, consuming less power than an electric bulb.

We are experiencing a huge demand for our solution from various business sectors, ranging from retail, food and fashion, to automotive, entertainment and travel

Where would a customer install it? 

Hypervsn projection units are quite simple in installation. They weigh only 2.8 kg making it easy to mount and relocate them. There are also various accessories available to mount projection units to ceilings, walls and shelves, as well as to create massive installations out of multiple devices where the size of one image can reach up to four metres.

What is your target market? 

We are experiencing a huge demand for our solution from various business sectors, ranging from retail, food and fashion, to automotive, entertainment and travel. We position Hypervsn as a B2B solution and right now we are building an extensive global distribution network. At the moment, we have official distributors in France, Japan, South Korea, India, Malaysia, USA and Australia to name a few, with more countries joining the list.

Who is using it today? 

Our technology has already been applied by such market leaders as McDonald’s, NEXT, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Carrefour and Pernod Ricard, and others.

What about costs?

The costs vary as we provide the Hypervsn solution on a subscription basis.

What about ROI?

Hypervsn has already proven itself to be a powerful technological solution to create immersive experiences, drive advocacy and articulate the value of a brand. One of our customers has recently shared with us figures they managed to reach during Hypervsn campaign. The results were truly fascinating with turnover increasing by 35 per cent, sales up by 32 per cent, and customer acquisition improved by an impressive 47 per cent.

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