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Soundgraphic’s restaurant targeted ‘sociable signage’ makes its ISE debut

Michael Garwood 6 February 2018

After establishing its European branch last August, SoundGraph is introducing its social displays for the first time in Europe at ISE.

The company’s YouFrame Menu Board allows quick-service restaurants to display menu, price and promotions single-handedly. Texts, images and videos can be controlled from one central system. It can also be used to incorporate weather forecasts, schedulers, work boards or social media, and as advertisement signage by being connected to LED screens.

SoundGraph’s Brand Wall displays various brand contents using several Social Square Displays. The latter can be installed in 2 x 3, 3 x 3 or other configurations to comprise a large square or rectangular wall to the size desired. Each display can illustrate Instagram contents individually, or a logo on the entire display.

SoundGraph’s Connected Wall divides and synchronises one or many videos or images on up to 255 screens. Time differences can be managed between each screen for a unique media art effect.

Also showcased on the stand, Connected Glass is a new solution created by SoundGraph that displays content on transparent windows. Using the IoT sensor and multi-tap, it can turn on or off the transparency of the film adhered to the glass, synchronising the contents in real time. It transforms shop windows into a new and effective marketing tool to attract potential consumers outside the store, according to the company.

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