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LG wows visitors with ‘impossible’ transparent OLED panel display’s

Michael Garwood 9 February 2018

LG has given visitors to ISE a preview of what’s to come, with the highlight being a new range of transparent 4M digital signage solutions.

Due out next year (2019), LG demonstrated several 4mm (depth), 55inch variants, which can be viewed/used individually or stacked. They provide full HD resolution, with transparency at around 40 per cent. Levels of transparency can be adjusted, maximising its versatility. The product is not dual sided.

LG told AVTE the focus markets for these products is likely to be “luxurious retail shops,” allowing the to display images on the display with physical products/imagery being displayed behind (through) it, adding extra layers and new innovative ways of marketing.

“You could have a nice watch being advertised on the display, with the actual real watch behind it.”

Custom design

The product is also “open frame” (just glass), with no framing included. Casing is designed to match the environment in which it will be placed.

LG also revealed that it first demonstrated the product two years ago at ISE in a secret unlocked room, in which the public were free to wander in, under strict no photography or recording rules. Few people entered,

“Only LG can produce OLED panels, which is why this transparent technology is only possible from LG.

“It will be available sometime next year. Pre orders are not currently being taken.”


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